TRW Automotive Inc. - Auto Parts Manufacturer Specializing in Steering Systems, Suspension Parts, Shock Absorbers and Brakes

TRW Automotive Inc.

TRW Automotive Inc. is the auto parts manufacturer specializing in steering systems, suspension parts, shock absorbers and brakes. The history of this American company started in the 1950's, when two enterprises, Thompson-Products and Ramo-Woolbridge, announced their merger. It should be noted that in the next decade TRW continued to grow by acquiring other companies engaged in the production of spare parts. Thus, in 1965, the company United Cars, specialized in automotive electronics, joined the corporation, in 1996 - Magna International, a well-known manufacturer of security systems, and in 1999 - Lucas Varity.

Today, company's production facilities are located in 24 countries. TRW Automotive Inc. is one of the largest suppliers of brake pads, discs, motor parts, steering racks and other parts, and is working with leading automobile corporations.