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Since the merger of Chrysler with Daimler-Benz, the history of the Chrysler brand has practically ceased to exist. As a result of the merger, the Daimler-Chrysler Corporation was born. As a result, Chrysler's independence has been partially lost. It is individuality, the high-quality standard of the cars produced by the company, Chrysler parts, and the love of consumers who are fortunate enough to become the owners of these truly unique cars.
Chrysler is currently the third-largest American car manufacturer, behind only Ford and General Motors.

The quality of service determines the lifespan of a car. This information is known to all experienced car owners, who are convinced from their own experience that any errors in routine maintenance and during auto repair can result in real problems. Oil changed later than the due date begins to grind down the working mechanisms of the engine, wear out the engine and bring closer the need for its overhaul or even replacement. Therefore, the question of the quality of purchased spare parts and materials remains open.

The question of buying quality parts for Chrysler is open to every motorist. Drivers are used to looking for various cost-saving methods to buy Chrysler parts at a discount or wholesale prices. Unfortunately, you don't even know how many fakes and counterfeit goods are present on the spare parts market today.

Should you buy original parts for Chrysler? Does this overpayment make sense?

Why use genuine Chrysler parts?

Genuine parts for Chrysler are not necessarily produced at the car brand's factory.Original Chrysler parts differ in the following features:

  • The quality of Chrysler parts is checked in several stages at each stage of production; this is an essential point for every buyer since the manufacturers of cheap parts do not check the quality.
  • There is certification; the corporation always requires additional documents on the batch of spare parts from third-party manufacturers or independently certifies its products.
  • The quality is confirmed not only by the factory origin but also by the brand name; this is a crucial point, which turns out to be the main proof of the adequacy of the overpayment for the originals.
  • Fitting dimensions and fasteners are ideal; you do not have to modify or alter anything to install parts for Chrysler on your car; everything will be no worse than at the factory.
  • The resource of components is predictable; you can understand which parts will fail at a certain mileage; changing them in advance, before the end of the resource, will help avoid breakdowns.

However, the quality of original spare parts very much depends on the quality of the brand itself.

How to distinguish genuine Chrysler parts from fake ones?

Any Chrysler owner wanting to purchase original spare parts for their car often faces a situation when he doesn’t know how to distinguish genuine Chrysler parts from fake ones. Genuine Chrysler parts have several distinctive marks. Here are some tips for those who don't know how to choose the right part:

  • You should only contact official stores; this will ensure that problems with the machine will be quickly and efficiently resolved.
  • Packaging. To protect against counterfeiting, holograms, stickers, the correct barcodes are used, so the consumer can always independently find out where and when the part was made if this is not written on the box. Each original Chrysler part has a unique code. This code will always be printed on the sticker in the original packaging. In case of counterfeits, atypical colors and fonts for inscriptions, markings, low density of cardboard and polyethylene, poor printing quality, lack of a serial number, or the name of the manufacturer's country will be on the packaging.
  • The appearance of spare parts. It is necessary to inspect the purchased part carefully. The presence of traces of oil and lubricants on Chrysler parts allows us to conclude that this is most likely a fake. Various irregularities and defects on the part’s surface, poor-quality processing of joints and joints, burrs, cracks, chips also indicate fake parts.
  • Cost. The easiest way to tell a counterfeit part from an original is its cost. In the case of a fake, it will differ significantly from the original. Often, drivers find out the price from several services at once before making a final decision. When buying a fake part, the owner of the car should understand why this low price, which looks so attractive, was formed:
    1. Simpler technological processes were used in its manufacture, which negatively reduced the service life of this part.
    2. Used cheaper and, therefore, lower-quality materials to make the parts.
    3. The quality standards and the selection of defective products have been lowered.
    4. Cheap, low-skilled workers were involved in its production. As a result, the resulting part may differ in standards and tolerances from the original, and additional efforts and costs will be required to install it in the car.
    5. The greater the deviation from the original good-quality part, the lower the price.

You should only buy from authorized dealers to avoid buying counterfeit parts for Chrysler. They will not only sell you the original part, but they will also provide a guarantee for it. Thanks to this, you get reliability and confidence in the quality of the purchased part. The most important thing is that the machine will feel perfect with original products. Its driving performance and safety parameters will delight you.


  • Who makes Chrysler parts?

The brand belongs to the Fiat concern. The concern members are the following manufacturers of auto components: Chrysler, Iveco, Zastava, Maserati. Chrysler Genuine Auto Parts are the best choice as they are of impeccable quality. However, there are a lot of fakes on the market. When buying a part, you need to inspect the packaging, which must be identical to the original one. If there are barely noticeable differences, then you should treat such a product with suspicion. Genuine Chrysler parts are of impeccable quality and engraved with the manufacturer's logo. If you notice burrs, chips, and cracks, then this is a fake.

  • What brand is OEM for Chrysler?

Mopar is the manufacturer of all Chrysler parts. So when you go to a Chrysler service department, you can be sure you're getting OEM for Chrysler instead of the aftermarket parts available at other repair shops.

  • Are Chrysler car parts expensive?

Serving Chrysler is easy enough; besides, it is easy to find the original spare parts catalog, in which the sale of parts is at the best price.

  • Does Chrysler sell parts?

You can buy original spare parts from authorized dealers or online stores that are licensed for sale.