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Kia Motors Corporation is considered the oldest automobile enterprise in Korea, and it was founded back in 1944. Since then, the company has started to develop as a symbol of a reliable brand. Kia's modern lineup includes respectable sedans, dependable SUVs, comfortable family minivans, and an extensive range of commercial vehicles. However, no matter what car you choose, you will still face the need to buy spare parts for Kia.

Not a single motorist has yet managed to avoid any car breakdowns and related repairs. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the car in optimal condition from time to time to monitor the correct operation of units and parts. And to comply with this important rule, you need to purchase new spare parts for Kia. And at this moment, people usually are faced with the problematic question: buy analog spare parts or original ones?

Today you can finally get the answer to this challenging question. In this article, you will find useful knowledge that will help you personally decide on the choice of components for your car. Here we will analyze both original and analog parts for Kia, as well as share data that will help you personally distinguish fake parts from true ones.

Why use genuine Kia parts?

It is enough to understand what each type of product is to get an answer to this question.

  • Original spare parts for Kia Serato and other brand models are a guarantee of quality and safety. Such components are produced by the direct machine manufacturer or by his order at the facilities of other modern factories. Original parts are always more expensive in terms of price, but they also last much longer than any analog product. As for the warranty, Kia is fully responsible for the use of its products. If there is a breakdown or the introduction of analog spare parts, then the manufacturer deprives the car owner of the warranty for the car as a whole.
  • Non-original ones have prices that can be dramatically lower, which will delight motorists with limited finances. But it is quite possible that the quality (in about half of the cases) will not fully correspond to the declared one. The reason is that non-original components (or analogs) are assembled at factories of independent manufacturers, not all of which are certified. Delivery, like a sale, is carried out without special packaging. Such components are delivered to customers through dubious retail outlets.

How to distinguish genuine Kia parts from fake ones?

When you have decided that it is best to buy genuine Kia parts, you will undoubtedly want to save some money, and online shopping will help you with this. But it should be borne in mind that nowadays, there are more frequent cases of counterfeit spare parts entering the market. Therefore, as a specialized store, we will teach you how to distinguish genuine Kia parts from fake ones.

  • Price. Parts brought from a factory in South Korea cannot be too cheap because only one transportation across the mainland costs partner companies a lot of money. If an important part is too cheap, the car owner should refuse such a purchase, and it is 100% fake.
  • Packing material. High-quality spare parts for Kia Rio and other models have a very original packaging: a full-size plastic or cardboard box, which guarantees the integrity of the parts during long transportation across cities and countries. These can be sealed (sealed) boxes or open ones - here, and the manufacturer does not put any restrictions.

Of course, the choice of what to buy is yours. You can save a lot on analog parts, but chances are you end up spending more money on repairs in the future. Remember that you can always save on buying original spare parts for Kia by choosing purchases from trusted online sites.


  • Where can I buy Kia parts online?

In order to keep costs to a minimum and get a quality Kia parts product, it is better to buy them online from reputable sites. PartSouq has been a professional supplier of auto parts all over the world for over 7 years. The company will help you decide on the choice of an original part for any car, as it has more than 30,000,000 line items. By choosing PartSouq you get high quality, reliability, and long service life of your automobile.

  • Are genuine Kia parts legit?

"OEM" stands for "Original Equipment Manufacturer." This means that OEM KIA parts are made by KIA and its partners. So, yes, OEM Kia parts are completely legit.

  • Where do Kia parts come from?

Most Kia parts come from North America. The main production enterprises are three such as:

  1. The headquarters in Seoul, South Korea
  2. The United States manufacturing plant in West Point, Georgia
  3. Another manufacturing plant in Zilina, Slovakia

Kia Motors also maintains 11 more manufacturing facilities. And only after the delivery of Kia spare parts from all these enterprises, they are combined into a single car. PartSouq also cooperates with resellers who produce original spare parts for this car brand.

  • How expensive are Kia parts?

It should be understood that the price plays the main role in the Kia parts for the car. Unlike other brands, Kia is largely cheaper.