Terms and conditions

Customer takes full responsibility of ordering items and all its substitutions whatever was chosen by customers, all information provided regarding the spare parts and it substitutions is for customers information only. In case customer ordered discontinued part, we have a right to supply OEM substitution part number, no refund will be given if the price for substitution will be cheaper.

By ordering spare parts or its substitutions customer takes full responsibility of correctness and suitability of part number ordered by customer - as PartSouq.com does not carry responsibility for customers mistakes in part numbers or spare parts ordered by users.

We don't guarantee that all ordered parts will be available in stock. Your order might be canceled or partially shipped. For not available items you will get refund for the item and shipping charges if they apply. In some cases, refund will be only for cost of items, because item could be very light and it will not affect the shipping charges, couriers charges minimum criteria of 1 KG.

This payment for item and shipping cost only. Customer takes a full responsibility for any import/duties/taxes/fees (brokerage/admin/airport handling/import) what may be collected by destination country courier company, if they are applicable.

By confirming terms and conditions, you agree and allow us to open and inspect the product, for safety purpose, to prevent damages, some product packaging might be opened and then re-sealed by PartSouq warehouse members.

All parts sold by PartSouq has no Manufacturer warranty, indeed PartSouq offering its own warranty protection for 3 months (90 days) from the time you received the product.