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In the case you buy a new or used car, you should always bear in mind that you will need to repair it someday. Obviously, the modern last-version auto has a longer exploitation period. However, any vehicle has to be maintained via the replacement of even small details.
Talking about the German motors, we should outline that BMW belonging to Bayerische Motoren Werke AG and being the third frequently-purchased Europe-originated vehicle in the US, is well-known for its Bavarian preciseness and high-qualitative approaches for detailed engineering and design. The BMW autos are also reliable. So, when you purchase the car highlighting your status and reputation, you may definitely ensure that the car won't complicate your life or your finances.

The same reason refers to the BMW spare parts. You may argue that the modern markets offer a wide range of details, tools, spare parts, oils, and lubricants for various vehicles: however, the only genuine ones could assure the long and qualitative work of your motors.

Today, you can buy everything you need for maintenance and repair without leaving your home by placing an order online. This will save you from having to overpay for similar parts in the service center, and will also allow you to personally verify the quality of the purchased components. You can buy spare parts for all BMW models on PartSouq.

Why use genuine BMW parts?

The OEM part has its own advantages:

  • quality;
  • durability;
  • availability of an official guarantee;
  • durability;
  • full compliance with the technical parameters of the car.

Your car would like to be maintained with only its original details and spare parts. There is also no point when you have decided to purchase the luxury version of BMW, but not use its originated supplementary items.

In this case, you may familiarize yourself with the main risks arisen by the fake spare parts for BMW including:

  • Auto vehicle health and life risks for your BMW:
    • Fake spare parts have a short life duration and, therefore, are quickly depreciated which results in vehicle breakdowns.
    • The irrelevant false representations of the in-house quality standards put your life at fatal risks. The world statistic analysts highlight that 2 out of 10 car accidents happened due to the unoriginated spare parts influencing the car driving behavior. Such effects might imply the less quality of some details or parts embedded into the other car model.
  • Financial risks
    • The usage of fake spare parts leads to highly-priced repair measures.
    • You will lose your factory warranty for your car if you use the alter-produced tools or spare parts. Surely, no leading and self-respecting auto company like BMW would not guarantee your life safety and effective car operation if the parts replaced are of questionable value. In this case, such the risk is directly connected with the previous one because you should find the extra funds to provide the qualitative repair by yourself. So, the ancient proverb is meaningful, stating that the cheapest is the dearest.

In order to avoid the risks of some doubtful deals with Internet commerce platforms offering the BMW “original” parts, you should investigate those possibilities and trust only reliable online dealers who have long-term and fruitful cooperation links with the respective OEMs and distributors.

How to distinguish genuine BMW parts from fake ones?

Genuine BMW parts are classified as original or OEM parts usually manufactured at the premises and on the equipment of the relevant German plants using their own patterned technologies, materials, and components. In order to have minimum knowledge on how to differentiate genuine BMW parts from fake ones, you need to know the core characteristics of your car universally acceptable for each part.
They are: Brand name, Model, Year of manufacture, VIM code

  • Price. The low market price for the spare components of the BMW motors proves the fake nature of that manufactured stuff. You should carefully choose specialized Internet stores that offer low-cost products, fascinating the customers with the doubtful sales. Always remember that the original parts, especially dedicated to the brake systems, could save your life.
  • Printing quality. The very easy way to fabricate the proper components for the vehicles is to make illegal manipulations with packaging designs. Similar to currency counterfeiting, an ordinary person might not pay much attention to the package of the delivered parts. However, the original package is accompanied by bright and clear printed images with high CMYK quality and in a single color range. Obviously, no grammar mistakes should be noticed. BMW backs up its reputation, even taking care of the printing quality.
  • Package quality. BMW is an advanced and responsible company that always complies with the environmental protection measures and, therefore, tries to apply the only eco-friendly packages for its parts with high-quality control even for the last stages of the delivery process. If you notice a low-quality and thin cardboard, you are definitely going to purchase the fakes.
  • Special signs. Each package with genuine BMW parts has a hologram and QR code in order to determine the part’s origin. Do not hesitate to check such signs before the package is opened. Furthermore, you may find the statements like “Made in German” on the sticky note and “Made in Austria” on the part itself


  • Can I order BMW parts online?

Of course, you have such an opportunity. You can easily order BMW parts on Partsouq and wait for them only for 1-3 days. It's easy, time-saving and reliably. Just contact us!

  • Are genuine car parts better?

OEM spare parts for BMW, as well as for any car, are considered better than fake ones because of their high quality. Also, when ordering a fake item, it is very likely that the spare part will be out of size.

  • Are BMW parts expensive?

Having monitored the major online auto parts dealers, the prices for the BMW parts vary because of the types of damages and the replacement needs. The starting price for engine filters or spark plugs could be valued from USD 100 to USD 150, but the replacement of the heavily damaged turbocharger assembly would cost up to USD 2500 due to the car model and the scope of work.

  • How long is BMW parts warranty?

The guarantee term for the genuine BMW spare parts is constituted to 3 years on average and depends on the type of the parts, its material, and purpose. It is better to consult an adequate expert before making sure of the precise warranty period for your BMW parts.