Suzuki Motor Co. - History and Success in the Car Market

Suzuki Motor Co.

Suzuki car brand dates back to the factory, which has been engaged in production of textile machinery. In 1937, the owners of the company decided to reorganize and ordered the developing of several prototype cars. Plans to produce cars were ruined due to outbreak of war, but in 1950s, Suzuki has decided to re-engage in the release of vehicles. Thus, in 1951, original motor-assisted bicycles came into the market, and Suzuki Motor Corporation was engaged in their production. 4 years later the first car of this brand rolled off the production line, called Suzulight.

In 1985 the company opened an office in America, which focused on the production of sports models. Suzuki cars are well recognized among customers in different countries, but they have been especially successful on the U.S. car market.