Mazda 6 Reliability and Common Problems

Mazda 6 Reliability and Common Problems

The Japanese manufacturer never ceases to delight many buyers, and the Mazda 6 clearly confirms this. Mazda 6 with its OEM parts is reliable, dynamic, with excellent external data, and is popular in the aftermarket today. In addition, the cost of Mazda parts online remains at an average level.

Serial production of the model was started in 2007. It is built on the new GH platform. A few years later, the car has undergone a restyling. The light optics with lenses were updated, the bumper and some parts of the Mazda body were changed. Its release was completed in 2013.


  • Body style: 4-door sedan, 5-door station wagon, and hatchback;
  • Engine type: gasoline, distributed fuel injection;
  • The number of valves in the engine: 16;
  • Power units: volume 1.8, 2.0, 2.5 liters, power 120, 147, 170 hp;
  • Transmission: 5 and 6-speed manual, 5 and 6-speed automatic transmission;
  • Front-wheel drive;
  • Maximum speed: 197 - 214 km/h;
  • Dynamics: 8.9 - 10.7 seconds;
  • Fuel consumption: combined cycle, 7.7 - 8.7 liters per 100 km;
  • Fuel tank volume: 64 l;
  • Fuel type: AI-95 gasoline.

The second-generation Mazda 6 has received a lot of feedback from owners. Like any other car, it has advantages and disadvantages. What weak points to pay attention to when buying, we will find out further. Also, we will highlight the main advantages that make Mazda and its parts a great purchase.

What are the disadvantages of the Mazda 6 and its parts?

What are the disadvantages of the Mazda 6 and its parts?
  • Noise isolation. The manufacturer did not take due care to keep the interior of the car quiet while driving. The main source of extraneous sound is the wheel arches. The rubber reads the coating and transmits the noise to the interior. The lack of soundproofing materials above the wheel arches, in the trunk, and in the doors affects the sound background while driving. At speeds above 100 km/h, the noise level rises dramatically. In particular, the roughness of the road surface also affects this. The larger it is, the stronger the sound.
  • Suspension comfort. The chassis of the "sixth" Mazda is somewhat stiff, and this cannot but affect the ride comfort. The suspension absorbs all surface irregularities, railway crossings, small bumps, and pits. This is transmitted to the salon and causes some discomfort.
  • Clearance. A significant disadvantage in the conditions of bad roads and weather is not a large enough ground clearance. This makes it difficult to park tightly to the curb or drive onto the sidewalk. The front bumper clings, you can touch the pallet. It is recommended to use such Mazda parts like engine sumps to secure the car with additional protection. In snowy weather and on roads with a surface other than asphalt, you need to be extremely careful. 160 mm of ground clearance, in combination with the body kit, does not give the opportunity to move freely, so as not to catch on such OEM Mazda parts like the bottom, bumper, thresholds.
  • Paintwork and bodywork. The car is painted with a very thin layer of paint and varnish. Such a coating is easily scratched and chipped. Salt, sand, and chemicals, which are an integral part of winter roads, do "an excellent job" with paint and varnish, and in just a couple of seasons, can make the body look unsightly. The thin metal of the body is also worth noting. Leaning carelessly on the car, you can leave a dent that will have to be corrected at a car service.
  • Salon and wipers. The interior materials of the Mazda 6 cannot be called the standard of quality. It is a hard and tough plastic that scratches and rattles easily. Every touch of the door cards is fraught with an instant scratch. The stylish and modern-looking interior instantly fades due to the fact that the manufacturer decided to save on materials. The work of such Mazda parts like the wipers in rainy weather is especially annoying. The rain sensor does not respond well. When it is raining, the wipers are in no hurry to work, but as soon as the rain becomes moderate, the wipers begin to intensively clean the glass, although this is no longer necessary. Adjusting the sensitivity of the rain sensor is a complete waste of time.

What are the advantages of the Mazda 6 and its parts?

What are the advantages of the Mazda 6 and its parts?
  • Appearance. This is a beautiful and stylish car that everyone, without exception, likes, regardless of gender and age. Smooth lines in combination with unique optics give the charm that can only be characteristic of Mazda cars. The car combines several images at once. It is a car for young people, stylish and modern, and a car for a mature man, elegant and restrained, and a car for a woman, because it looks chic and unique.
  • Reliability. Mazda 6, with its OEM parts, proved to be a real Japanese samurai, ready for any challenges and difficulties. In the conditions of bad roads, it is difficult to disable the car. No minor breakdowns will upset the owner. You shouldn't expect anything serious, either, subject to normal operation. In any case, the timely passage of MOT will enable the car to drive more than one hundred thousand kilometers without breakdowns and unnecessary visits to the service.
  • Controllability. The car is obedient in handling, has a sufficient turning radius, is maneuverable, and is stable. Excellent road holding at any speed, without rolls and drifts, enters the turns. The machine fulfills the commands without question.
  • Spaciousness. Mazda 6 is a full-fledged five-seater car, which will be comfortable for all four passengers and the driver. There is enough space in the back row of seats. People of tall stature and large build can sit there. The volume of the luggage compartment is sufficient for everyday use or transportation of small-sized cargo and things.
  • Profitability. The machine is equipped with several engines. The most popular in the worldwide market is the engine with a volume of 1.8 liters and 2.0. Both types of gasoline have 120 and 147 horsepower, respectively. Actual fuel consumption ranges from 8 to 10 liters of gasoline per hundred kilometers traveled. These are good and economical engines capable of delivering decent torque and serving hundreds of thousands of kilometers without repair.

The Mazda 6 is a decent car. In its class, it has no competitors in terms of reliability. Most of its units are capable of serving more than 200 thousand kilometers. The main condition for this is a responsible approach to car maintenance. By purchasing quality OEM Mazda 6 parts online at PartSouq, you will be able to keep your vehicle in top condition by taking advantage of its benefits.

Mazda 6 Reliability and Common Problems FAQ

Mazda 6 Reliability and Common Problems FAQ
  • Do Mazda 6 have transmission problems?

Mazda 6 built between 2005-2012 has a problem like sharp shifting from the 6-speed automatic transmission and slight slippage between gears.

  • Where do Mazda parts come from?

Mazda parts come from Japan. In this country, the brand has several manufacturing facilities located in Hiroshima, Hofu. There are also factories in North America.

  • Is Mazda 6 car repairs expensive?

To date, Mazda is rated as the brand with the lowest average repair cost, at $302.92. And by buying Mazda parts online, you can save even more.