Mazda Motor Corporation - A Brief History and Global Presence

Mazda Motor Corporation

Mazda Company was founded in 1931 based on the Toyo Cork Kogyo Ltd., which had 11 years of producing cork products until then. A motorized tricycle has become the first model released by this brand. Mazda equipment had been actively purchased in wartime. In 1960, the company released its first runabout R360, later has been launched production of pickups and sedans. In 1967, concern Ford acquired a part of shares of the Company, and in 1984 the latter changed its name to Mazda Motor Corporation.

At present, the company owns two factories in Japan, and 18 - in other countries. Cars of this brand are in high demand in the global auto market; active sales are in progress in Russia. There is also developed a network of spare parts and accessories.