Komatsu Limited - The Largest Engineering Company Specializing in Special Equipment for Construction and Mining

Komatsu Limited

Komatsu Limited is the largest engineering company, whose headquarters is located in Tokyo. Concern was founded in 1921, but in the beginning it has been engaged in production of building materials. Later, it was decided to start the production of special equipment (road construction, pipe-laying, loaders). So, Komatsu Limited is the manufacturer of the largest bulldozer in the world, which is used in the extraction of coal.

Today Komatsu Limited is a group of companies, which includes 188 enterprises and 145 subsidiaries. Komatsu brand equipment is manufactured in 22 plants located throughout the world. In the USSR, bulldozers, dump trucks and timber Japanese manufacturer had in the 60's. In 2010 the factory was opened in Yaroslavl, which specializes in the production of excavators and dump trucks.