Hyundai Heavy Industries


Hyundai Company was born in 1946 out of a small garage, opened by Chung Ju-Young five years earlier. But Hyundai brand became renown in 1947, when Hyundai Civil Industries Corporation entered the construction market. Initially the company was engaged in manufacture of cars under Ford license, but in 1972 Hyundai Heavy Industries which specialized in the production of shipping equipment separated from the company. Production of special vehicles has been launched in the factory in 1985. The first models of the Department of Hyundai Heavy Industries have become excavators of 21 and 29 tons classes. In 2005 the world's first 50-ton excavator was sold.

Today, Hyundai Heavy Industries is one of the world's largest manufacturers of construction, road and loading technique, which produces a variety of excavators (wheeled and tracked), bulldozers, stackers, skidders and more. Plants are located in India and China, subsidiaries are opened in Europe and the U.S. In total 450 the brand special equipment distributors are working to date in the world.