Exhaust repair difficulties

Exhaust repair difficulties

Most modern cars are equipped with a gasoline or diesel internal combustion engine. The operation of this engine is based on the combustion of fuel with an explosion, and the explosion is a loud bang, a blast wave, high temperature, the formation of a large number of combustion products. Terrible noise and fumes of smoke accompanied the movement of the first primitive cars, and modern cars can move almost silently and slightly pollute the environment. And all these thanks to the exhaust system.

The exhaust system, which everyone calls the exhaust or simply the muffler, is quite complex on modern vehicles. It is designed primarily to divert exhaust gases from the engine cylinders and outside the vehicle, thus avoiding poisoning for that inside. At the same time, as the various elements of the setup pass through, the exhaust gases are cooled, the level of their toxicity and exhaust noise is reduced. But it so happens that car exhaust needs repairs.

And in order to simplify the repair of a car's exhaust, making it less costly, you should pay attention to the signs of a malfunction of this car system in time. Use our helpful article to do this. It contains the most common symptoms that indicate the imminent failure of parts of car exhaust.

Parts of a car exhaust malfunction symptoms

Parts of a car exhaust malfunction symptoms

There are seven common symptoms of exhaust arrangement malfunctions:

  • Exhaust sound change. Motor malfunctions do not affect acoustics. Only if these are major problems. If the car exhaust parts are faulty, then it becomes immediately detectable by the sound from the exhaust pipe;
  • There is a smell in the cabin. This happens even with a minimal violation of the tightness of the assembly. There can be a smell outside the car as well. If the smoke becomes thick, white, or black, and there are also signs of a gasoline aroma from the pipe, you need car exhaust repairs;
  • The muffler rattles and knocks. It is probably in contact with the bottom or frame. This happens when driving over bumps. The reason is broken suspensions;
  • The floor in the cabin is warming up. Heat shields are used to compensate for heating. If the system heats up above normal, they do not save. The problem must be solved quickly. Otherwise, there is a risk of car fire;
  • Exhaust 'blowing'. The sound changes depending on the engine speed as well as the driving speed. The reason is cracks in car exhaust parts such as a muffler, joints, as well as burned-out gaskets. The pressure inside the system decreases. Gases tend to penetrate into the car interior;
  • Clogged parts of car exhaust. Contamination is possible in any component. This is usually happening in a catalyst. The engine loses power, and a dull sound from the pipe also appears;
  • External defects of car exhaust parts. They can be identified visually. You do not need to contact a specialist for diagnostics. It is necessary to start car exhaust repairs immediately.

Unfortunately, not everyone is able to carry out car exhaust repairs efficiently and with their own hands. But it is in their power to notice that changes have begun. Therefore, the driver's main task is to monitor the behavior of the car and react to changes. Even one of the signs is enough to start solving the arising problem, as well as restoring the car with the help of car exhaust repairs. And if you don’t know where to buy genuine parts of car exhaust, follow PartSouq. Here you will find what you need at the lowest prices!

Exhaust repair difficulties FAQ

Exhaust repair difficulties FAQ
  • What are the parts of a car exhaust system?

The exhaust gas removal system consists of:

  1. collector
  2. intake pipe
  3. corrugations
  4. catalyst
  5. resonator
  6. middle pipe
  7. muffler
  • What are the mufflers on a car?

In modern cars, two types of mufflers are used: resonant and direct-flow. Both can be installed in conjunction with a resonator (pre-silencer).

  • How much does it cost to replace the exhaust?

Car exhaust repairs are quite expensive, but you can save money on them. By choosing PartSouq, you get attractive prices for all parts of car exhaust.

  • How can you tell if your exhaust is blowing?

When the exhaust is blowing, you can hear drizzling and some vibrations. These sounds are due to a number of holes in the muffler.