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Delco Automotive Components Group

AC Delco brand is owned by Delco Automotive Components Group, which in turn is part of the American automaker General Motors. AC Delco Company manufactures a variety of automotive parts and a wide range of consumables.

The company was founded in 1916 by Albert Champion and Frank Remy. After 10 years, the firm was acquired by Dayton Engineering Labs Company. Today, car parts are manufactured under the AC Delco brand, which are marketed in more than one hundred countries. The company cares about its customers, and therefore offers a wide range of services related to after-sales service. In addition to parts there are also available oils, all kinds of lubricants, process liquids, etc. Total amount of more than 70 thousand items are presented in the AC Delco range of products. Manufactured parts and consumables are suitable for 95% of the existing car brands.