The Timken Company - American multiproduct enterprise specializing in bearings and high-precision parts.

The Timken Company

American multiproduct enterprise The Timken Company was founded over a century ago. Among other things, the company's specialists are engaged in manufacturing of bearings and high-precision parts. In many countries of the world brands of wheel bearings Unipac, Unipac-Plus, Generation II, Generation III, Formed Hub bearings and gear brands P900 and Fuel Efficient Bearing are known and widely demanded. In addition, The Timken Company has been producing popular aftermarket products: gaskets, hubs, equipment recovery kits, tools for mounting and dismounting of bearings and so on. To date, this American company has won a reputation as one of the best developers of all kinds of anti-friction technology solutions. The Timken Company has placed its research centers not only in the U.S. but also in Romania, India and France.