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Stone - Manufacturer of Gaskets and Seals for Automobile and Motorcycle Equipment


Stone trademark owner is Japanese firm ISHINO GASKET MFG.Co., Ltd. Main production of this brand are gaskets and seals, which are supplied to the largest automobile and motorcycle equipment plants: Nissan Motor Co., Nissan Diesel Motor Co., Honda Motor Co., Suzuki Motor Corporation, Toyota Motor Corporation and Yamaha Motor Co.

The brand Stone came to market in 1933, when the company entered into an agreement with Ishino concern Nissan to supply gaskets and seals. During the war products of the company have been purchased by the military department, and in 1951 and 1952 were signed supply agreements with Honda Motor Co and Suzuki Motor Corporation, respectively. Since 1978, the Ishino Company's partner is also the automaker Toyota Motor Corporation.

In 2003, the enterprise joined the group of companies NOK. Stone products are popular, not only in Japan and Asia, but also around the world.