Kolbenschmidt Pierburg - German Company Specializing in Automotive Parts

Kolbenschmidt Pierburg

Company Kolbenschmidt Pierburg (Germany) was founded in 1909. Since 1928 the company was producing carburetors, starting with 1935 - pumps. Company has received wide recognition in the 90's, when it signed an agreement with AUDI on production of intake manifolds, and with OPEL on production of throttles.

Today Kolbenschmidt Pierburg assortment includes collectors, pneumatic valves, vacuum pumps, trottles, air pumps, a variety of sensors, and many other parts. All products of the company have an excellent quality-to-price ratio. 3/4 of Kolbenschmidt Pierburg production facilities are located in Germany. The company supplies spare parts for VOLKSWAGEN, BMW, AUDI, OPEL, FORD, and many other brands cars.