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Nippondenso Co., Ltd. - Japanese Multidisciplinary Company Producing High-Quality Parts.

Nippondenso Co., Ltd.

Denso brand is owned by Japanese multidisciplinary company Nippondenso Co., Ltd, which was founded in 1949 on the basis of several manufacturing facilities of Toyota Motor Co. Improving technologies and offering innovative solutions, the company was growing and developing new areas of activity. Today Nippondenso Co., Ltd. has an impressive number of plants in Japan (73 subsidiaries), as well as abroad (88 firms). The company produces electronics, home appliances and even robots.

Domestic buyers know Nippondenso Co., Ltd. primarily thanks to high-quality parts. Instrument manufacturer offers instrument panels, ABS and TRC systems, air conditioning and climate controls, wipers, and other parts and components. The real revolution became iridium sparks, offered by the company in 1997. They are installed on such popular cars like Lexus LS400 and Toyota Avensis.