Behr Hella Service GmbH

Company Behr GmbH & Co is a leading manufacturer in the field of automobile engine cooling systems. The plant was opened in 1907; the company's owner was Suddeutschen Kuhlerfabrik Julius Fr. Behr (S.K.F.). In 1910, the company began testing core-type radiators and sectional systems. Equipment for cooling systems entered into series production only in 1921. In 1937 a wind tunnel was built on the factory, which has helped to improve the quality of products. At this time, Behr radiators were delivered to Mercedes and VW plants. Since 1965, line of energy-saving fans Visco, having a low level of noise, was put into production. And in 1981, in the product range were added finned tube radiators. By the end of the 1980s Behr brand began to produce cooling systems with electronic control. Today, the developments the company not only aim to reduce fuel consumption, but also to reduce the amount of noxious emissions.