BMW X6 Reliability and Common Problems

BMW X6 Reliability and Common Problems

The premium all-wheel-drive mid-size crossover was unveiled in 2008 for general review. The first generation of the car immediately made a splash all over the world. The car perfectly combines a bold appearance and excellent technical characteristics. Its off-road qualities are at a high level: the ground clearance is increased, the all-wheel-drive, the wheels are large.

The first-generation BMW X6 is a clear representative of the luxury car category. The drive, practicality, and comfort of this car are qualities that drivers value. It emphasizes the image and maintains the status of its owner. The premium car surprises not only with its good looks but also with dynamics and, to a lesser extent, ergonomics.


  • Five-door SUV;
  • Options: xDrive 30d, xDrive 35d, xDrive 35i, xDrive 40d, xDrive 50i, xDrive 50d;
  • Power units, volume 3.0 and 4.4, capacity from 173 to 407 horsepower;
  • Full drive;
  • Transmission: 6-speed automatic;
  • Fuel type: gasoline, diesel;
  • Brakes: front - ventilated discs, rear - ventilated discs;
  • Power steering;
  • Acceleration to 100 km / h: 5.4 to 8 seconds;
  • Average fuel consumption per 100 km: diesel engines - 8.5 liters, gasoline - 15.0 liters.

During operation, the car has established itself as a reliable vehicle. At first glance, there are many advantages to this crossover. But unfortunately, like any other car, the BMW X6 has its drawbacks. Therefore, the following describes the main advantages and disadvantages of the BMW X6 and its parts that you need to know about before buying.

Advantages of BMW X6 and its OEM parts

  • Body. The body paintwork is of high quality. It retains its original appearance for a long time and is resistant to mechanical damage. Corrosion resistance is satisfactory.
  • Design. The BMW X6 stands out from the crowd and grabs attention. It has impressive proportions and a striking design. An exclusive grille is installed at the front, which showcases the extroversion of the model. 22-inch wheels also look great.
  • Salon. The interior is trimmed with very high quality and wear-resistant materials. They retain their presentation for a long time. As a rule, more than 200 thousand km are nursed. The first abrasions appear on the start/stop button. By this element of the cabin, you can determine the current mileage of the car. The crossover noise insulation also received positive reviews.
  • Power plants of the machine. The crossover is equipped with both gasoline and diesel power plants. They differ in volume and power. Gasoline three options - 3.0 l 306 hp, 4.4 l 407 and 450 hp, diesel - 3.0 l 230 - 381 hp. and a hybrid 4.4 L 407 hp. As practice shows, the latter are more reliable. They have a large resource of a lifetime and practically do not cause any complaints.
  • Chassis. The crossover uses a multi-link suspension, both front, and rear. The top version is equipped with the X-Drive system and BMW parts such as an active rear differential and steering. Thanks to this, the car's handling is excellent. But there is also a significant drawback - the cost of repairs. Elimination of the malfunction will require considerable financial costs. Therefore, it is best to buy BMW parts online. This way you can save a lot.

Disadvantages of BMW X6 and its OEM parts

Disadvantages of BMW X6 and its OEM parts
  • Motor. Gasoline engines have their sores. The motor has 306 hp (volume 3 liters), a frequent problem that occurs with the injection system. Injectors and high-pressure pumps fail. About a 4.4-liter engine, we can also say a few bad words because of the coking of one of the important parts of BMW - the engine. The most common problems are cranking of the connecting rod bushings, oil starvation of the turbine, failure of the piezo injectors.
  • Automatic transmission. The main problems with automatic transmissions are the failure of such OEM BWM parts as mechatronics, bushings inside the gearbox, as well as an oil pan leak. It is worth recalling that most owners of BMW X6 faced automatic transmission problems even before one hundred thousand kilometers.
  • Generator. Absolutely every BMW X6 owner who has been using the car for a long time will face the replacement of the generator. There is no need to change the old generator to a new one, and it is enough to remove, replace the bearings, clean the brushes, etc., which will result in an insignificant amount compared to replacing the generator. After all, the main problem with the BMW generator is the failure of the bearings, which, first of all, will make it clear the hum under the hood. You can also buy these OEM BMW parts online at affordable prices.
  • Turbine. The longevity of one of the important BMW engine parts depends on timely service and driving style. The turbine in any turbocharged engine is an important element in the operation of the power unit.
  • Water pump. Absolutely all BMW X6 owners with a range of 80 thousand km up to 100 thousand km run will face the need to replace the water pump.

The reliability of the BMW X6 and its OEM parts is still a controversial issue. Some drivers speak positively about the car. They are satisfied with its technical characteristics, the service of individual units. Others have a lot of complaints and call the car a problem. As practice shows, most of the malfunctions that occur are the result of improper maintenance and operation of the SUV. It is very expensive to repair even minor defects and replace consumables. However, this does not mean that BMW is for wealthy people who are ready to invest a lot of money in their cars. All you have to do is visit PartSouq with nice prices for BMW parts online to be convinced of the opposite and keep your car in prime condition.

BMW X6 Reliability and Common Problems FAQ

BMW X6 Reliability and Common Problems FAQ
  • How long does a BMW X6 last?

The BMW X6 can travel over 100,000 miles and even over 250,000 miles. For this, it is important to replace parts for BMW and new ones in time, choosing only genuine ones.

  • Is it expensive to maintain a BMW X6?

BMW X6 is a premium crossover, which significantly affects the cost of its maintenance. But you can save money by choosing OEM BMW parts online.

  • At what mileage does BMW start having problems?

Almost all BMW vehicles have problems with their OEM parts that need detailed maintenance after 100,000 miles.

  • How do I identify BMW parts?

In order to identify BMW parts, you need to find and check part numbers. This 11 digit part identifier can be broken down in:

  1. The first 2 digits - represent the part main group.
  2. The next 2 digits - represent the part subgroup.
  3. The remaining 7 digits - are a unique identifier for the part.