Tokico Corp Japan - Supplier of Spare Parts for Automotive Companies' Conveyors

Tokico Corp. Japan

Tokico Japanese Company is present at the market for more than 70 years (founded in 1937). Initially, the company has been engaged in the manufacture of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment; however, it gradually changed the scope and today is known as a supplier of spare parts and details for automotive companies' conveyors. In 2004, it was announced the merger of companies Tokico and Hitachi, which allowed the manufacturer to further strengthen the position on the Japanese and international markets.

Tokico supplies oil and gas shock absorbers, damper strut cartridges, etc. to Toyota, Nissan and Mazda. It should be noted that the company not only produces parts for cars. Thus, there are Tokico brand brake calipers, customised suspensions and shock absorbers for sports cars and motorcycles present on the market.