Taiho Kogyo Co. Ltd. - Leading Manufacturer of Bearings and Crankshaft Bearings

Taiho Kogyo Co. Ltd.

Founded in 1944, the Japanese company Taiho Kogyo Co. Ltd. Is located in Midorigaoka. In the beginning the company was engaged in manufacturing and supplying of spare parts to the nearby car factory Toyota. The first product released under the brand Taiho, were plain bearings.

In the early 1980's the company opened an office in America (TCA), which sales bushings in the States. Popularity of this manufacturer has forced the board to open two plants in Japan: Sasahara and Kyushu. In 1991 the first factory for the production of bearings outside of Japan was opened in Ohio.

Today Taiho brand products are known around the world ' it is not only the leading manufacturer of bearings, but also crankshaft bearings for internal combustion engines, bushings and thrust washers.