Jaguar Cars Ltd. - A British Manufacturer of Luxury Cars, with a Rich History.

Jaguar Cars Ltd.

The company Jaguar Cars Ltd. is a well-known British manufacturer of luxury cars, headquartered in Coventry. The company was founded in the 1920's, and originally has been specialized in manufacturing motorcycle sidecars. Starting with 1927, the product range also includes spare parts for Fiat, Hornet, Wolseley and other cars. A little later, cars of company's own design, SS90 and SS100 models, came off the assembly line.

In 1966, Jaguar was acquired by British Motor, and in 1980s a subsidiary, Jaguar Sport, was opened for sports cars production. At the same time, the company was bought by the car manufacturer Ford. Since 2008 the Indian company Tata Motors is the Jaguar brand owner. To date, the cars of this brand are produced in three plants operating in the UK.