Detroit Diesel: A History of Reliable and Quality Engines for Various Applications

Detroit Diesel

This company was established in 1938 when under the General Motors a division has been formed, called the Diesel Division. It was involved in the production of diesel motors. During the Second World War, GM Diesel branded compact two-stroke motors have been used for assembly of tanks and amphibious assault ships. They have been installed also on backup generators. In 1965, this department was transformed into Detroit Diesel Engine Division, and five years later joined with Allison Division, engaged in production of gas turbines and transmissions, the company got the name Detroit Diesel Allison Division. In our time, it is a market leader in the American market of engines for trucks, consistently offering a wide range of engines for buses, cars, oil drilling and mining equipment, construction equipment, trucks, marine vessels and rail vehicles. Detroit Diesel products are always qualitative and reliable, thus they are on demand in the market.