Daido Metal Russia: Leading Bearing Manufacturer and Supplier in Russia and the CIS


Daido Metal Company is one of the largest manufacturers of bearings in Japan, and LLC "Daido Metal Russia" is the largest in Russia and the CIS supplier of bearings for assembly lines. Thanks to high-tech equipment and full cycle of production, the company manufactures a wide range of products for compressors and diesel and gasoline engines. The company produces persistent half rings, bimetallic strip, connecting rod and crankshaft bearing liners, antifriction alloys and bushings. The company traces its history to 1959: it was the year when on base of "Zavolzhsky Engine Plant" production of plane bearings started. In 2003, "ZMZ - bearings" was founded and "ZMZ", respectively, stopped producing liners and bimetallic strip. Four years later, in 2007, the company became the property of Japanese company Daido Metal Co., Ltd and became known as "Daido Metal Russia' Company.