BBT Automotive Components GmbH - German Spare Parts Manufacturer

BBT Automotive Components GmbH


BBT Company was founded as a trading house in Germany in 1990. The company was engaged in production of spare parts two years later. Initially these were tips for spark plugs, then the range has expanded through distributor caps and sets of high-voltage wires. The company's products focus on German and Japanese car manufacturers. Since 1998, the BBT also manufactures switches and sensors. In the mid-2000s has been carried out large-scale expansion of production capacities. BBT today produces crankshafts, ignition relays and modules, rotors, voltage regulators, oil pressure switches, fuel pumps, and various sensors.

Underlying principle of manufacturer's policy is the attention to quality. BBT Automotive Components GmbH has all necessary certificates and provides a lifetime guarantee for parts. It is also worth noting that all brand products have an affordable price, and due to the extensive dealer network BBT details can be found almost anywhere in Europe.