Asso - Leading Manufacturer of Automotive Parts in Italy and Europe



Company Asso is one of the largest manufacturers of automotive parts in the north of Italy. Products of this brand are manufactured since 1963. Company's products are used by leading automakers - not only Italian, but also European (Germany, France). Asso items are delivered also in the U.S.

Car exhaust systems that run the full production cycle in Asso factories are of special pride for the manufacturer. Steel sheet with double aluminum coating is used as a work piece. Mufflers of its own design are furnished as part of systems of this Italian brand. Production of exhaust systems for sports cars (series Asso Sport), made of Inox stainless steel, also had been developed. Competent management, relentless quality control and use of innovative materials make the Asso products so popular with consumers in Europe. Products of this brand can beAA purchased also in Russia.