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Chevrolet parts catalogs on PartSouq

Chevrolet parts on PartSouq

It is not so important whether you bought a car only recently or have already got used to your reliable vehicle - in any case, you sometimes have to purchase the necessary spare parts and consumables for it. Such a need arises in order to perform urgent repairs, as well as during periodic maintenance, requiring the replacement of some parts. In modern cars, there is a regulation for replacing spare parts, which depends on the mileage, because a part replaced at the wrong time leads to the failure of other components.

It is worth noting that by ordering spare parts all at one time, you can significantly save on the final delivery cost, which is a considerable additional advantage of this approach, in addition to gaining confidence in your own ability to overcome unexpected troubles.

To make your purchase easier, we have collected the essential data regarding parts for Chevrolet. In our article, you will learn why you need to buy original spare parts, the difference between original and cross-replacements, and how to distinguish an original auto part from a fake one.

Why use genuine GM parts?

When you buy General Motors Corporation vehicles, you, like every customer, expect that they will perform their functions reliably for many decades. However, regular service and timely repairs, and proper operation of the car will help them maintain the car's technical condition in perfect condition, during which only original GM spare parts should be used. As soon as a GM vehicle goes into service, it can:

  • handle in harsh climatic conditions
  • face the peculiarities of the road surface

As a consequence, these factors can affect the efficiency of the engine, wheelbase, and other components and assemblies of Chevrolet parts when you purchase non-original ones. Therefore, when restoring and repairing them, you should not use spare parts of dubious origin, as you can cause irreparable damage to the machine.

In addition, GM Genuine Parts are designed and manufactured to meet the most demanding manufacturing requirements. GM's limited warranty does not cover Non-GM parts, counterfeit, or already used parts. The original spare part will ideally fit your car and exclude alterations, fit, leaks, knocks, and other reasons for your possible future dissatisfaction with the purchase of parts for Chevrolet.

By purchasing a non-original spare part, you will also:

  • Endanger your life, and the lives of your passengers since certain parts (in particular, steering and brake parts) in the car directly affect road safety.
  • Do not exclude the possibility of any malfunctions or damage to other GM parts that are caused by the installation or breakdown of new foreign, counterfeit, or already used parts.
  • Lose money rather than save them. The fact is that the warranty of General Motors Corporation covers only original parts for Chevrolet.

How to distinguish genuine GM parts from fake ones?

The main differences between original spare parts for Chevrolet are such factors as:

  • Genuine Chevrolet parts sell official services or dealer networks - this is a sign of paramount importance;
  • Original branded packaging. High-quality cardboard crunches when pressed and does not wrinkle or break. The manufacturer is constantly updating the packaging design to protect against counterfeiting;
  • Smooth welds, precise fit of components, no smell of cheap plastic.

Also, any GM spare part has a sticker. It is enough to find it directly on it or on the spare part packaging to make sure of the originality of a component part, which indicates:

  • part number according to the catalog;
  • barcode;
  • GM logo;
  • hologram protection;
  • name of the country of origin of the goods.

Regardless of how the part is packed, in a box or in a plastic bag, they must be covered with all the security features listed above. Genuine GM liquids are distinguished by the same type of plastic containers of various sizes, on the label of which there is no hologram.

Choosing original spare parts for Chevrolet, you choose:

  • safety and reliability;
  • quality;
  • the opportunity to enjoy advanced technology;
  • compatibility;
  • use in the production of ecological materials;
  • guarantee;
  • benefit;
  • convenience.


  • Where can I buy Chevy parts online?

Today you can find a variety of sites that offer online purchases of Chevy parts. You will find a complete catalog of original spare parts and accessories for all makes and models of Chevrolet in our store. We differ among the rest with pleasant prices, delivery exactly on time, as well as exclusively certified spare parts.

  • Are Chevrolet online parts legit?

First of all, it all depends on the seller as well as the contracts that he lays with the brand supplier. As for PartSouq, the company sells only original spare parts and certified aftermarket parts for Chevrolet and other brands presented in the catalog.

  • Are Chevrolet parts expensive?

There is no definite answer, but they are clearly more expensive than other car brands. At the same time, if you take, for example, companies like ours, you will always find discounts for buyers that will help ease their costs. To find out specific prices, you should go to the electronic parts catalog and ask us for the availability of a part of the Chevrolet and its price.

  • What brand parts does Chevy use?

ACDelco is the true General Motors' Original Equipment parts brand for Chevy. On our website, you will find only genuine spare parts for your car. We work with original suppliers directly, making our store the best choice for those looking to buy brand parts for Chevrolet.